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According to the Social Security Administration, if you take any 100 people at the start of their working careers and follow them for the next 40 years until they reach retirement age, here's what you'll find: only 1 will be wealthy, 4 will be financially secure, 5 will continue to be working (not because they want to but because they have to), 36 will be dead, and 54 will be BROKE and dependent on friends, family and the government to take care of them.

Basically, there is a 95% chance a person will either be DEAD or DEAD BROKE. What price will you pay to make sure you are not part of the 95 percenters ?

We offer a free opportunity in one of the fastest growing markets in history...The CBD Health Products Market. We have over 70 high end products and a patented technology that will keep us ahead of the competition. Join now for free and become part of the top group within CTFO. You will never be alone while building your road to success.

CBD products have medically proven health benefits and healing properties. The demand is expected to grow exponentially from $600 million today, to $22 billion in just 4 years. This is an opportunity that requires no investment whatsoever, and we will help you achieve your earnings goal, whether it's a few hundred dollars or several thousands of dollars per month.  If you are looking for a change or looking to earn extra income,  We urge you to consider our program and research CTFO.  There is absolutely no cost to get involved or monthly minimums to achieve in order to earn income.  Help us Change the Future Outcome by changing lives and giving back!


CTFO Program Highlights

  • No Sign-Up Fees! 

  • Free qualified leads.  We will help you build your downline!

  • Great people, great company, great products.

  • You and your customers can buy products for personal use at wholesale prices.

  • No inventory requirements.

  • You will get 4 free personal websites.

  • You get paid every week.

  • Copyrighted compensation plan designed for both the part-time and full-time associates.

  • 70 plus CBD products that address health and wellness, anti-aging, nutrition and pets.

  • 10X Pure patented and exclusive CBD products that provides a competitive.

  • No sales experience required. Social media participation is a definite plus. Sell globally!


You will be joining the hottest wellness trend that will be a multi-billion-dollar industry within the next 3 years. There are no gimmicks, gotchas, and no credit card required...just a complete line of leading edge products backed by a great company. Please consider joining us in this high potential opportunity. The program is international, so you can expand outside the US.  This is not a get rich quick scheme and we don't pay people to recruit.  We're looking for team associates who are willing to invest in a better future, who have a passion for changing people's lives, and will let nothing stand in their way of achieving their goals, whether small or big.  We will train you, work closely with you, and help you achieve your financial goals.  


If this describes you then please click HERE to review the products and the program. Please view our video presentations that describes our program.  Questions? Email mike@ctfo-online.com

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